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February 6Is Baptism Essential for Salvation? (WMA)
February 13In Christ - Part 1 (WMA)
February 20In Christ - Part 2 (WMA)
February 27In Christ - Part 3 (WMA)
March 20Mountain Moving Faith (WMA)
March 27The Religion of Christ (WMA)
April 3The Faith (WMA)
April 10Belief and Faith (WMA)
April 17There is No God but God (WMA)
April 24The Change Movement & the Churches of Christ (WMA)
May 1False Prophets and False Teachers - II Peter 2 (WMA)
May 8I Corinthians 15:1-4: Gospel to the World (WMA)
May 15"Hell" - The Party Has been Canceled Due to Fire (WMA)
May 22Matthew 13: The Parable of the Sower (WMA)
May 29Matthew 13: The Parable of the Tares (WMA)
June 5Sower, Tares, Mustard Seed, Leaven, Treasure in the Field & Pearl of Great Price (WMA)
June 12Luke 14: The Parable of the Great Supper, Healing of the Man with Dropsy (WMA)
June 19Luke 15:1-7: The Lost Sheep (WMA)
June 26Luke 15: The Parable of the Prodigal Son and The Elder Brother (WMA)
July 3Matthew 19:13-15: Reward of Discipleship (WMA)
July 10Matthew 18:21-22: The Parable of The One Sin God Won't Forgive (WMA)
July 17Mark 11:1-26: The Lord will Suddenly Come to His Temple (WMA)
July 24Matthew 21:23-46: The Chief Priests and Pharisees Silenced (WMA)
July 31Matthew 22:1-14: The Parable of the Inauguration and Marriage of the King's Son (WMA)
August 7Matthew 22:15-46: The Character of the Scribes and Pharisees (WMA)
August 14Jesus Foretells Destruction of Jerusalem: Matthew 23:27-39 (WMA)
August 21Is Jesus Coming Soon? Revelation 22:12 (WMA)
August 28The 2nd Coming of Christ, Resurrection Judgment & the End of the World (WMA)
September 4Exodus 12 & I Corinthians 11:23-26: The Passover and the Lord's Supper (WMA)
September 11Judas & the 30 Pieces of Silver (WMA)
September 18A Harmony of the Gospels: The Crucifixion of Christ from the Four Gospels (WMA)
September 25Resurrection of Jesus, He "is Risen": Luke 24 (WMA)
October 2Matthew 28, Mark 16, & Luke 24: The Great Commission (WMA)
October 9Luke 23:13-47: The Thief on the Cross & Baptism (WMA)

03-01-2020  God's Word Part 1: The Origin of the Bible

03-08-2020  God's Word Part 2: Not Human or Natural

03-15-2020  God's Word Part 3: The Devine Inspiration of the Bible

03-22-2020  God's Word Part 4: The Inerrant Word of God

03-29-2020  Genesis 1: The Creation Hymn

04-05-2020  Genesis 2 & 3: The Seed or Child of a Woman to be the Messiah

04-12-2020  Genesis 4-6: From Cain and Abel to the Flood

04-19-2020  Genesis 6-8: Noah's Ark

04-26-2020  Genesis 8-9: A New Beginning, The Messiah to Come Through Shem

05-03-2020  Genesis 9-11: The Table of Nations, Tower of Babel

05-10-2020  Genesis 11-12: The Call of Abram, Father of the Faithful

05-17-2020  Genesis 12-14: Abram in Egypt, Separation from Lot, and War with Four Petty Kings

05-24-2020  Genesis 15-17: Covenant with Abram

05-31-2020  Genesis 21-22: Abraham's Final Exam

06-07-2020  Genesis 49: The Sceptre of Judah to the Triumphal Entry of the Messiah

06-14-2020  Exodus 1-2: The Date of the Exodus

06-21-2020  Exodus 2-3: "I Am"

06-28-2020  The Ten Commandments - The New Covenant

07-05-2020  Hermeneutics: "The Last Days" - Isaiah 2

07-12-2020  The Virgin Birth of the Mighty God: Isaiah 7-9

07-19-2020  Isaiah 11: The Peaceful Kingdom of God

07-26-2020  Isaiah 28:16 & I Peter 2:5-9 - Temple of Living Stones

08-02-2020  Isaiah 35: Prophecy of Healing Miracles of Christ

08-09-2020  There Was Only One Isaiah

08-16-2020  Isaiah 42-48: The Coming Servant Messiah

08-23-2020  Isaiah 53: The Suffering Servant Song

08-30-2020  Jesus' First Sermon: The Lord's Anointed

09-06-2020  Matthew 5:7 - Sermon on the Mount

09-13-2020  Luke 5: The Shepherds of Israel

09-20-2020  John the Baptist the forerunner of the Messiah

09-27-2020  Parable of the Sower

10-04-2020  The Parable of the Great Supper and the Man with Dropsy

10-11-2020  The Lost Sheep Luke 15:1-7 & The Lost Coin Luke 15:8-10

10-18-2020  The Parable of the Prodigal Son and The Elder Brother

10-25-2020  The Parable of One Thing God Won't Forgive

11-01-2020  Matt 19-20: The Reward of Discipleship

11-08-2020  The Inauguration of the King's Son

11-15-2020  The Triumpful Entry - Jesus Enters Jerusalem

11-22-2020  Matthew 21:23-46: The Chief Priests and Pharisees Silenced

11-29-2020  Baptism & the Thief on the Cross

12-06-2020  The Great Commission

12-13-2020  Acts 1: World Conquest

12-20-2020  Acts 2: The First Gospel Sermon

12-27-2020  Acts 2:36-47 - The Church, a Fellowship of Believers, is Born