Each student begins with the 8-lesson John M. Hurt Course:

Lesson 1: The Old Testament

Lesson 2: The New Testament

Lesson 3: Rightly Dividing the Word

Lesson 4: Faith and Works

Lesson 5: Becoming a Christian

Lesson 6: Acceptable Worship

Lesson 7: The New Testament Church

Lesson 8: You Can Be Just a Christian

Each student then takes the Jule Miller Visualized Bible Studies Series and watches each of the 5 films at least twice.

Book & Film 1: The Patriarchal Age

Book & Film 2: The Mosaic Age

Book & Film 3: The Christian Age

Book & Film 4: God's Plan for Redeeming Man

Book & Film 5: History of the Church

First College Level Course:

Course 101 - The Parables of Christ

Each lesson from Brother Kelly is designed to help the student understand the hermeneutical principles and figures of speech used by Christ in His parables. Each written lesson has a one hour tape lecture on the parable. Each of the 15 lessons has a written exam.

Second College Level Course:

Course 102 - The Seed of the Woman Gen. 3:15 to Gal. 3:16

An advanced study of Old Testament history and the prophecies of Christ. 102 one hour tape lectures are listened to along with the text book by Brother Kelly. Each student authors a twenty page paper on The Prophecies of Jesus Christ the Son of God, which is the course subject matter and determines the student's grade on this course.

Third College Level Course:

Course 103 - The Plan of God

Each lesson has a written test and two memory verses.

This course has 52 fairly complete exegesis on the following subjects:

  1. The God Behind the Plan
  2. In the Beginning God Created
  3. Man as He Was in the Beginning
  4. The First Sin
  5. The Consequences of the First Sin
  6. Patriarchal Religion
  7. The Great Flood
  8. Post-Flood Happenings
  9. Abraham's Place in the Plan of God
  10. Isaac's Place in the Plan of God
  11. Jacob's Place in the Plan of God
  12. The Israelites in Egypt
  13. Delivered from Egyptian Bondage
  14. The Law Given at Sinai
  15. The Contents of the Law
  16. The Tabernacle
  17. The Levitical Priesthood
  18. Old Testament Sacrifices
  19. The Three Great Jewish Feasts
  20. Israel Condemned in the Wilderness
  21. The Conquest Under Joshua
  22. The Time of the Judges
  23. Israel's First Three Kings
  24. The Kingdom After it Divided
  25. The Restoration Period
  26. The Prophets Foresaw the Messianic Age
  27. The Messiah is Born
  28. The Genealogy of Jesus
  29. The Forerunning Ministry of John
  30. Jesus' Baptism and Temptations
  31. The Ministry of Jesus
  32. Jesus as Judged by Others
  33. The Heart of the Gospel
  34. The Significance of the Ascension
  35. The Apostles of Christ
  36. The "Church-and-Kingdom" Question
  37. The Law and the Gospel
  38. The Two Sides of Salvation
  39. The Doctrine of Conversion
  40. The Divine Importance of Baptism
  41. The New Life a Product of Conversion
  42. Continuing Steadfastly
  43. The Shepherds of the Flock
  44. The Fellowship of the Church
  45. Evangelism, the Work of the Whole Church
  46. The Lord's Supper is Divinely Important
  47. Praise and Prayer
  48. Christianity's Distinguishing Characteristic
  49. Primitive Christianity
  50. Things Connected with the Return of Jesus
  51. The Punishment of the Wicked
  52. The Reward of the Saints

Fourth College Level Course:

Course 104 - Advanced Bible Studies Made Simple

Each lesson has a written test and two memory verses

This course has 52 fairly complete exegesis on the following subjects:

  1. The Divine Origin of the Bible
  2. The Deity of Jesus
  3. The God of Heaven
  4. What the Bible Teaches About the Devil and His Work
  5. The First Five Books of the Bible
  6. A Sketch of Old Testament History After the Death of Moses
  7. The Books of the New Testament
  8. A Simple Study in Biblical Geography
  9. God's Plan Through the Ages
  10. The History and Principles of Blood Sacrifice
  11. The Day of Pentecost in 30 A.D.
  12. Differences Between the Old and New Covenants
  13. Bible Teaching About Sin
  14. What the Bible Teaches Concerning Death
  15. The Second Coming of Christ
  16. Heaven-The Eternal Home of the Redeemed
  17. Hell-The Eternal Home of the Lost
  18. The Holy Spirit and Christ
  19. The Baptism of the Holy Spirit
  20. The Miraculous Gifts of the Holy Spirit
  21. The Holy Spirit in the Life of Every Christian
  22. Characteristics of the Religion of Christ
  23. The Establishment of the Church
  24. The Divinity of the Church
  25. Three Figures of the Church
  26. Human Usurpation vs. Divine Authority in Religious Matters
  27. Earnestly Contending for the Faith
  28. The Lord's Supper
  29. The Elders of the Church
  30. Corrective Church Discipline
  31. How Denominations and the True Church Differ
  32. The Great Commission-Analyzed
  33. The Great Commission-Carried Out to Cities and Persons
  34. The New Testament Division of Labor in Carrying Out the Great Commission
  35. God's Plan of Salvation vs. Men's Plan
  36. Bible Teaching on Repentance
  37. What it Means to Confess Christ
  38. Baptism as Taught in the Bible
  39. Christians and the New Life
  40. Can a Child of God Fall from Grace? Or Can a Saved Person Ever be Lost
  41. The Sin of Backsliding
  42. The Christian and the Sin Question
  43. Overcoming Temptations
  44. What Constitutes Prayer?
  45. Prayer in the Christian Life
  46. Our Part in Saving the Lost World
  47. What the Bible Teaches About Money
  48. Chastening in the Christian Life
  49. A Christian Fellowship
  50. Christian Conduct Toward Others
  51. Suffering as Christians
  52. Marriage, Divorce and the Home

Fifth College Level Course:

Course 105 - A Systematic Study of the Bible

In addition to the text-book each book of the Bible is read and studied along with two commentaries. Each of the following studies has a 100 question written exam.

Book One: Studies I-XIII

Study I: The Bible: Titles and Divisions, Canon, Preservation

Study II: The Bible: History of the English Bible

Study III: Inspiration of the Bible

Study IV: The Ages Before Moses: Genesis

Study V: The Patriarchal Age

Study VI: Bondage and Deliverance: Exodus

Study VII: Sinai and the Years of Wandering: Leviticus and Numbers

Study VIII: The Book of Deuteronomy

Study IX: The Work of Joshua

Study X: Period of the Judges

Study XI: Period of the Monarchy: Saul

Study XII: Period of the Monarchy: David

Study XIII: Period of the Monarchy: Solomon

Book Two: Studies XIV-XXVI

Study XIV: The Divided Kingdom: Introduction and First Period of Judah

Study XV: The Divided Kingdom: First and Second Periods of Israel

Study XVI: The Divided Kingdom: Third and Fourth Periods of Israel

Study VII: The Divided Kingdom: Second Period of Judah (I)

Study VIII: The Divided Kingdom: Second Period of Judah (II)

Study XIX: The Divided Kingdom: Second Period of Judah: Isaiah and Micah (III)

Study XX: The Divided Kingdom: Third Period of Judah: Jeremiah

Study XXI: The Divided Kingdom: Fourth Period of Judah (I)

Study XXII: The Divided Kingdom: Fourth Period of Judah (II)

Study XXIII: Period of the Captivity (I): Daniel

Study XXIV: Period of the Captivity (II): Ezekiel

Study XXV: Post-Exilic Period (I): Restoration and the Second Temple

Study XXVI: Post-Exilic Period (II): Esther, Ezra; Nehemiah, Malachi

Book Three: Studies XXVII-XXXIX

Study XXVII: The Poetical Books: Job

Study XXVIII: The Psalms (I) - Introductions

Study XXIX: Poetical Books: The Psalms (II)

Study XXX: Poetical Books: The Proverbs

Study XXXI: Poetical Books: Ecclesiastes

Study XXXII: Poetical Books: The Song of Solomon

Study XXXIII: From Malachi to Christ

Study XIXIV: The Four-Fold Gospel: Matthew

Study XXXV: The Four-Fold Gospel: Mark

Study XXXVI: The Four-Fold Gospel: Luke

Study XXXVII: The Four-Fold Gospel: John

Study XXXVIII: The Life of Christ Harmonized (I)

Study XXXIX: The Life of Christ Harmonized (II)

Book Four: Studies XL-LII

Study XL: The Acts of the Apostles (I)

Study XLI: The Acts of the Apostles (II) Second Section: Antioch, The Center

Study XLII: Paul's First Letters: I and II Thessalonians

Study XLIII: Paul's Doctrinal Letters (I): 1 Corinthians

Study XLIV: Paul's Doctrinal (II): II Corinthians

Study XLV: Paul's Doctrinal Letters (III): Romans

Study XLVI: Paul's Doctrinal Letters (IV): Galatians

Study XLVII: Letters of Paul's Imprisonment: Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, Philemon

Study XLVIII: Paul's Pastoral Letters: 1 Timothy, Titus, And II Timothy

Study XLIX: The Letter to the Hebrews

Study L: The Letters of James, Peter and Jude

Study LI: The Letters of John

Study LII: The Revelation (The Apocalypse)

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