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Kelly Lawson

Currently an evangelist at Ables Springs Church of Christ and volunteer chaplan at Dickinson Place Retirement Home in Dallas, and spreading Gods word via worldwide shortwave radio. Retired from 30 years preaching at Main Street Church of Christ in Dallas, Texas. Back from Lost Sheep Welcome Church of Christ in Hillsburo, Ohio holding meetings and setting up radio evangelism.
We are evangelising the world helping small congregations like yours hold meetings, build or increase your internet exposure, and preach to the world through radio and internet... Call us at (214) 552-3206

Worship Schedule

Ables Springs Church of Christ
10am Bible Study
10:30am Worship Service. 

6:30pm Bible Study

Dickinson Place Retirement Home
4:00 Sunday

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Many Thanks ...
We recommend the Brethren at Kleinwood Church of Christ for their Great Year End Gospel Singing. They invite all to ..."download and even distribute any of their recordings..." Freely they received, freely they are giving.
" There is no speech nor language where their voice is not heard. Their line is gone out thru all the earth, and their words to the end of the world ..."
~ Ps 19:3-4 & Romans 10:18

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Featuring This Month

Introduction to Genesis: The Creation Hymn

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Learned men throughout the ages have beleived that Adam composed this creation hymn and passed it down by God's people through the centuries until Moses wrote it down.

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August 25, 2019, Morning Bible Class
Eric Jenkins called Kelly up to the front of the auditorium "to help him with Bible class" - Kelly was in for a suprise...
   To Kelly With Love: Tribute to Kelly Lawson (MP3)

We are just that faithful remnant, neither Protestants, nor Catholics, nor Jews but just plain old vanilla Bible believing Christians.

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